Build a CNC Milling Machine for hobby use

Building your own machine, will give you the ability to create any CNC project for life, and having a CNC will make amazing parts for any project, hobby or business.

Build a CNC Milling Machine for hobby use

Cnc equipment is now available to the average person, even as little as 5 years ago, this could only be the dream of the hobbyist, small business owner, or someone just wanting to learn, today with fast computers and low cost control software, building a cnc controlled machine has become a reality for anyone.

For the hobbyist, into radio controlled cars and planes a cnc router or cnc hot wire cutter is key to manufacturing parts to exact dimensions over and over, without very much effort, great for those mishaps that happen in the RC world. If your into crafts, jewelry making, sign making, woodworking, metal casting, electronic PCB's having cnc equipment is a must, almost all manufacturing today will incorporate a CNC of some type, it's absolutely a necessity.

Making wing ribs the easy way

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is used for many automated machines around the globe Milling Machines, Lathes, Plasma Cutters, Robotics, Laser cutters, Waterjet Cutters, even Laser Eye Surgery, is done with CNC the list is large,

How does it work and how do I make a part?

A typical CNC controlled machine will use an electrical motor to make a slide or table go forward or reverse, these motors are generally called stepper or servo motors, they will usually connect to the slide or table with a lead-screw for linear motion, or even direct if rotary motion is required, to make the motors stop and start to exact locations the computer will give commands to the motor driver electronics thru a parallel port or usb port.. The cutter path or desired movement is usually programmed with the computer, today with great control software like Artofcnc, controlling motion is easy, see our website for Artofcnc link, this software program can convert pictures, cad drawings, print files into an exact motion path, that will be sent to the motor controller thru the printer port or usb port.

With two decades of expertise let us show you the easy way to CNC, with our CNC PLANS , building your own machine can be simple, we have helped many people build their first machine, with standard tools, and easy to get parts, you will not find an easier machine design to build than ours.